Our Shop

The shop is equipped with a complete line of CJ610, CF700 and TFE731 Disassembly/Assembly Tooling, including the necessary test equipment for Engine Repair and Restoration.
We have all the latest in repair and overhaul equipment.


  • TFE731 Major Periodic Inspection (MPI)
  • TFE731 Core Zone Inspection (CZI)
  • GE 610/700 Overhauls
  • GE 610/700 Hot Section Inspection
  • GE 610/700 Corrosion Inspection
  • Service Bulletin Updates
  • Test Cell to accommodate both GE & Honeywell Engines
  • The Shop has the capability to have 12 engines in production at any given time

Line Maintenance

  • On Wing
    • Fan Vibration Surveys
    • On Wing 5 Point
  • Vibration and Performance Equipment
    • PBS 4100+
    • ACES 4040 VIPER
    • ACES 1752B JEDA
  • Engine Removal and Installation


  • Our inspection team can provide: On and Off Wing Borescoping
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Lab
    • Fluorescent Penetrant
    • Eddy Current
    • Magnetic Particle

Engine Shop On-Site Backshop and Support Areas

Balance Room

  • Compressor and Turbine Rotor Build and Balance
  • Visual Inspections
  • Blend Repairs
  • Fan Blade matching using Moment Weigh Scale
  • Turbine Riveting and Retention Check

Clean Shop

  • High pressure parts washer
  • Clean tanks

Grind Shop

  • High Speed Turbine Grinding
  • Grit Blaster
  • Tumbler

Accessory Shop

  • GE Fuel Component Repair and Overhaul
  • In-house GE Fuel Component Calibration and Testing
  • On-site Specialized Welding and Sheet Metal Repair
  • Combustion Liner Overhaul
  • Main and Angle Gearbox Repair

Sales and Leasing

  • Kalitta Turbines has a large inventory of engines ready
    and available for lease or purchase
  • Short-term and long-term lease options
  • Engine Exchange

Stores and Stockroom

  • Large inventory of TFE731, CJ610 AND CF700 Engine Parts
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Customer Parts support

For further details regarding our Powerplant services and capabilities, please contact John Horn, Director of Powerplants, at 734.544.3404.