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Kalitta’s highly experienced maintenance companies are proud of their quality services and their seasoned employee’s dedication of nearly four decades, giving Kalitta the reputation as a leader in the aircraft maintenance industry. Whether it’s aircraft parts, heavy maintenance, or an engine purchase, Kalitta maintenance companies are your cost-safe solution to keeping your aircraft flying efficiently.

Kalitta Turbines

Whether it’s maintaining, servicing, repairing, purchasing, or leasing TFE731, CJ610, and CF700 engines, we
are a one-stop shop for all your GE and Honeywell maintenance requirements.

DK Turbines

Having decades of aircraft parts experience and an extensive inventory, our staff can provide competitive pricing
& guaranteed satisfaction.

Kalitta Accessories

From wheels, brakes, batteries or emergency power supplies, you can count on the experience of the Kalitta Accessories’ Team to do the job right.

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We’ve got the aircraft parts! Check out our Parts Search feature to find the aircraft parts you need by part number
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